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Muscle Pain

Call it what you will. Muscle stiffness? Muscle spasms? Muscle fatigue? Or choose one of the more ominous and scientific names like fibrositis, fibromyalgia, muscular rheumatism, myofascial syndrome, or myositis. Whatever the name, there`s still pain and pain is not normal!

Maybe the problem is something a little harder to pin down.
For example, do you or anyone you know experience:
  • Constant pain between the shoulder blades?
  • Incessant neck, shoulder or hip pains?
  • Occasional numbness or tingling in the arms or legs?

There is really only one course of action (after a more serious medical diagnosis has been ruled out): a visit to your chiropractor. Don`t settle for what we have seen so many others in constant pain settle for--a lifetime commitment to Advil for pain relief. Why? Because in time whatever pain-relieving pill you`re popping is going to begin to work less and less, ultimately requiring larger doses or stronger medications. It`s expensive. It`s inconvenient, it doesn`t work (it only masks the pain for a short time) and it`s no way to live!

If you think about it, all a drug does is treat the symptom or effect of the problem. Do you really expect your health problem to go away by only treating the effect?

Call us! Chiropractic works to correct the cause of the problem, as opposed to the medical profession, that just treats the effect (symptoms).

Take some positive steps toward a having a pain-free life. Call today for an appointment.

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